Plan A Weekend Trek To Sondai Fort In Sondewadi With Your Buddies

Sondai Fort

What Did I Like?

Sondai Fort is one of the best treks one can go on with friends this season. The trek is still not known to many people so one can enjoy exploring the trail. This place is located in Sondewadi {Karjat} which is only 2.5 hours away from the city of dreams. The best way to reach is by car as one gets to enjoy the amazing road trip! The roads are not in very good condition so expect a bumpy ride, but the trek is certainly one hell of an experience. The hike is quite easy and can be completed within three hours. The view it offers is beyond anybody's explanation.

What's My Pro Tip?

The car is an ideal way and better to reach early on top as the view can be enjoyed when no one is around. On the way back visit the Art Village and relieve your filmy dreams.

Anything Else?

Do carry enough water as the Sondai Village does not have any shop. On the way, you will see a small tea stall which serves some amazing Poha and is perfect fuel to pump up for the trek. After the trek, try and drive down to back waters of Morbe Dam where you can have lunch at Hotel Kinara.

Sondai Fort