Have You Tried Middle Eastern Cuisine Yet? Drop By This Pretty Outlet ASAP!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Have you ever tried Middle Eastern cuisine before? Neither did I. Bayroute in BKC serves some delicious Middle Eastern cuisines, be it Turkish, Egyptian, Lebanese or Moroccan. This is their 4th and their most newly opened outlet. From the time you enter this place till the time you start your meal and leave you are in a completely different place, they have a nice Middle Eastern vibe to their ambience, food as well as their menus. All their food dishes are authentic Middle Eastern delicacies.

Dishes tried:
1) Cocktails:
-Raspberry Champagne: A vodka-based drink served in a martini glass, on the sweeter side. Quite a lovely drink would recommend trying this if you're searching for a not so strong vodka-based drink.
-Kaffir Orange Tini: A lovely Him based drink. An orange flavoured cocktail, will keep you awake and wanting more.
-Desert Storm: Quite an aesthetically pleasing drink. Comes in a small closet when opened gives a magical experience to dining. A nice and strong cocktail would definitely recommend going for this.
-Turkish Madness: A Turkish twist given to your typical LIIT, not a very strong LIIT but tasted delicious. Recommended.

2) Meze (Appetizers) :
-Muhammara Cold Mese: This was really a treat, a vegetarian dish but trust me you would love this. Comes with small pockets of pita that you can eat it with. A brilliant dish prepared by the chef tasted amazing would definitely recommend going for this dish.
-Harissa Chicken Kebab: Nice and tender, perfectly cooked chicken kebabs served on skewers, that will simply melt in your mouth. Love chicken, you would love this dish too.
-Kebab Istanbul: If someone would say melt in the mouth mutton this is the dish that would come to my mind. The mutton pieces literally melt in your mouth, perfectly cooked. Cheers to the chefs that prepared this delicacy, a true treat to a mutton lover.

3) Main:
-Lavash Crust Kabsa Chicken: Quite a unique dish, a chicken biryani that is covered in Lavash crust. The chicken pieces were nicely cooked. The only complaint I had with this dish was that some of the pieces were cooked with the skin intact. Rest the rice and the chicken tasted lovely.
-Machboos Al Kuzu: A lovely mutton biryani with some delicious and tender mutton pieces, quantity enough for 2-3 people would recommend this if you're in a big group or are really hungry.

4) Dessert:
-Baklava: One of their most famous desserts has without any doubt got to be the Baklava. A dish that simply tastes delicious and is a treat to the eyes. They use nitrogen with lotus petals to give it a heavenly look. Would recommend going for this dish.

On the whole, if you want to experience Middle Eastern cuisines and ambience this is the perfect place to be. Experience fine dining the Middle Eastern style.

The service was excellent, Mr Akashdeep and the other servers have done an amazing work by recommending some of their delicious dishes.

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