A Delight For All The Food Lovers, Swing By Xotik Cafe In Malad!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Xotik cafe is a cafe that lives up to its name. The ambience is quite nice and the staff is really kind. The service is quite fast and the food is mouthwatering. I tried the following:

Both the beverages that I tried had a really spot-on presentation. They even had a full soda bottle placed on top of the glass, upside down. It was eye candy to look at. Not just eye candy, in fact, eye candy with a purpose. If you wanna add more soda to your beverage after you have had some, you can just gently lift the bottle and the quantity increases again . 10 on 10 for the thought. Simply brilliant. MUST TRY IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE HERE.
Electric blue: A heavenly blend of lychee syrup, blue Curacao, jeeru soda and jeeru lemon. The refreshing flavor of the lychee was really fantastic. Enjoyed every sip of it.

Spiced ginger and lemon fizz: A mouthwatering beverage. It was a combination of crushed ginger, fresh mint leaves, slit green chill, soda and xotik lemon. Full of flavor and a bit spiced up. The flavor of the ginger was quite evident too. Loved it .

Starters :
Pulled Chipotle chicken sliders: these look like mini burgers. Really great presentation and even more amazing was the taste. Right from the charcoal buns to the chipotle, everything was extremely delicious. The addition of gherkins and cheddar added a unique flavour to this dish too.

Xotic mustard chicken tarts: really tasty and the tarts were made really well. They consisted of really succulent pan tossed chicken, jalepenos , kasundi and cheese. The chicken was well cooked.

Main course :
Wild mushroom risotto with roasted corn, spinach and parmesan cheese:
Well risotto for those who don't know is a northern Italian rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. Really well made. The cheesy and creamy tasty was just out of this world. All the elements of this dish got along really well. The rice wasn't overcooked. The taste of mushrooms and the creamy cheese is just a match made in heaven. This was my favourite and it is a must-try.

Spicy chicken chipotle fusilli pasta: the chicken was well cooked. Amazing Chipotle sauce. The bell peppers were nice additions to this dish. I loved the sauce.

Dessert :
Blueberry cheesecake waffle: The waffle was well made. The blueberry topping and the pancake syrup were just pure delight. Lip smacking.
Amazing cafe, do visit.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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