This Dry Cleaning Service Takes Care Of All Your Cleaning Needs

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What Makes It Awesome

Keeping everything you own in its cleanest and best state is one adulting task that you don’t have to worry about. From the designer bags you cherish to the fine curtains and rugs that speak for you, Tumbledry – India’s best & largest dry cleaning chain, can take care of it all. They have over 250 stores in 75+ cities. So, there’s likely to be a Tumbledry in your Mumbai neighbourhood to help you keep your wardrobe clean and fresh.

What do they do differently from your local dry cleaners, you ask? They take up almost all those everyday cleaning tasks - dry cleaning, shoe-cleaning, carpet cleaning, bag cleaning, curtain cleaning and laundry - out of your hands. Tumbledry ensures zero shrinkage, 99% stain removal and colour restoration for old and faded clothes - so both your old AND your new clothes are taken care of here. They’re especially great with your whites - their Whitex technology can make them up to three shades whiter. 

If you’d always been looking for a place to restore, repair and take care of your haute couture and designer wear brands, Tumbledry is the best to rely on. They also handle shoes from high end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, and Louboutin to name a few! They also provide easy-to-use mobile apps for tracking orders and FREE pick-up and delivery for their express as well as normal delivery.

We’ve also got a sneak peek into the technology they use behind the scenes! All laundry and dry cleaning items undergo six stages of care, stain treatment and packaging. Don’t forget to check out some of their complimentary services like mothproofing, carpet border pasting and more. We’ve certainly got our cleaning (and therefore, adulting) plans sorted.


Trying out Tumbledry for the first time? You can avail up to 25% off on your order! Simply visit their site or your nearest Tumbledry store to avail the same.