This Secluded And Beautiful Waterfall Is Only Four Hours Away From Mumbai

Devkund Waterfall


A destination mostly unknown, Devkund is a waterfall with blue-green clear water that is a view worth a watch, and is only about four hours from Mumbai.

What Makes It Awesome

The towering and thin waterfall is located in the forest of village Bhira, which is close to 140 km from Pune and can be accessed via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway {unless you’re traveling on a bike, in which case you should take an alternate route.} 

You can go with a couple of friends to the area {the earlier it is in the day, the better and less crowded}. If you’re directionally challenged, and can’t usually tell your lefts from your rights, It is most advisable, however, to hop on to a ride organised by a travel company. 

An easy hour-long hike from the village Bhira leads you to the rock, opening down to the waterfall which is beautiful, clear and pristine.

The pool of water at the bottom of the fall is made of colours that are indescribable, and will probably make you slightly emotional. Every tear’s a waterfall? We think so!


You should take along food for the ride, and keep walking shoes on you, as the trek, while fairly easy, is not a walk in the park. From the point of the trek till the actual waterfall, it will take you around 1.5-2 hours to make it to the waterfall.

A mosquito repellant would be a good choice too, if being a feast for parasites is not your idea of fun.

Devkund Waterfall