Bold & Brewtiful: Our Guide To Unique And Icy Cold Brews In The City {One Of Them Is Boozy}

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Summertime is sweat time, especially in Mumbai when humidity is at its peak. Getting an iced latte in an AC cafe is somewhat appreciated. However, skip the regular cold coffee, there’s a new trend in town, and we’re loving it. Cold brews, popular outside, have only made to our city a year and a half back.

Cold brew aka cold press is basically when you soak coffee beans in water for at least 12 hours and more. Post this, the water is seeped through paper filter. This in turn, dilutes the coffee taste and makes it less acidic. It’s healthier, no-sugar and honestly, one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. And all this time, we’d been wondering, where had it bean?

Blue Tokai Roasters

One of the best coffee suppliers and connoisseur of coffee, Blue Tokai Roasters offers delectable variations of the cold brew coffee – that is coffee beans brewed in cold water overnight and then voila, giving you the non-acidic and chocolaty flavour.

They also have a nitro coffee which is cold brew infused with cream.

Price: INR 150 {cold brew coffee}, INR 170 {nitro coffee}

La Folie Lab, Bandra

La Folie was one of the first cafes in town to get the concept of cold brew coffee to the city. These cold brew veterans use Yama cold brew apparatus . They use single origin Ethiopian beans that are grounded, soaked in cold water and kept for at least 10 hours.

The batches are made everyday, and suffice for at least six cuppas daily.

Price: INR 180

Café Zoe

Cafe Zoe has introduced cold brews in a unique way. Barring the regular cold brew that one may want to go for, they have a summer twist on it thanks to Jeremy Herowitz. There’s the cold brew tonic {INR 120}, a cold brew malt {with zesty orange and malt infused with cold brew for INR 190}, one of our favourite, cold brew con Leche, mixed with milk and cold brew {INR 140}, and a cold brew affogato, a sinful indulgence of vanilla ice cream, biscotti, Belgian choco chips and the cold brew coffee.

Go here if you’re in the mood to try out some lovely variations of the cold brew.

Café Coffee Day

This super chain aka first-date-cafe also has a cold brew. They serve citrus cold brew – which is basically a black coffee infused with the a nice summer citrusy flavour.

Find your nearest outlet here.  

Price: INR 135

The Pantry

The Pantry is our go-to place for salads and its vintage, chic interiors. But one of our favourite cold coffees here is not just served, it’s an experience. The cold brewed coffee at The Pantry has a long process attached to it.

Coffee beans are first soaked in room temperature water for at least 12 hours {skipping the hot boiling water} which makes for a less bitter and acidic coffee. Hit this one up to skip sugar and indulge in a sinful cup of their cold brewed coffee – on a hot sunny day.

Price: INR 195

Razzberry Rhinoceros

Razzberry Rhinocerous, the amazing place by the sea, has its own version of a cold brew but wait for it…it’s an old fashioned cocktail with coffee. There’s the eternal bourbon whisky infused with coffee, honey water and topped with a side of orange zest and choco cookie to entice the coffee lover.

Price: INR 600 {plus taxes}

Koinonia Coffee Roasters

This new coffee place is chic, tiny and really cute – tucked away in Khar. This is also one of the few places in Mumbai that will let you take the bottled cold brews home. Their cold brew comes from Indian Arabica and is served on ice. They also do a cold brew iced latte – if you’re looking to spend some time there.

Price: INR 150 {bottled cold brew}, Iced Latte {INR 170}


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