Believe It Or Not, These High Heels Are Made Of Chocolate {And Are Totally Delicious}

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Dessert lovers, unite because we’ve found the perfect place for you to try out some of the most unique desserts. Even thought of gobbling up an entire Eiffel Tower? Make your way to Rolling Pin.

Chow Down

Imagine a gorgeous Eiffel Tower made of lots and lots of chocolate. And you can take it a step further – eat it all. We are talking about the chocolate Eiffel Tower at Rolling Pin in Lower Parel.

The chocolate Eiffel Tower has been made with chocolate and then dusted off with edible golden colour to make it shine bright {Paris flashback, anyone?}.

Got a friend’s birthday coming up, or just want to try something new? We think the edible Eiffel tower makes for a unique birthday surprise.

Apart from this, they also have chocolate sandals at offer. Now now, we know it’s bizarre to eat a sandal but when it comes coated and filled with chocolate? We are all game for it.

The sandals are approximately 9 inches tall, and have been filled with 100 grams of chocolate. They have a golden heel, one in black, and a white heel with orange flavoured soles. The sandals cost INR 300 and we suggest you split it with your friend lest you want death by chocolate.

So, We're Saying...

Tiramisu and pastries are the ghosts of the dessert past – so we’ve got these quirky towers, sandals and more to look forward to.