#LBBFoodFinds: What You Must Gorge On Before Bidding Adieu To 2019

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If our tummy was an actual human being, it would sue us for monotony. Aren't we all done with hakka noodles and biryani anyway? So if the foodie in you wants to get all experimental, we promise we're here to help. Don't step into 2020 before trying these unique dishes, folks. Bon appétit! 

Sweet Potato Brûlée, Ishaara

This Lower Parel restaurant is more unique than its dishes but let's tell you about what we think is the showstopper here. The Sweet Potato Brûlée has totally won us over. This legendary chaat has a chunk of sweet potato, with your regular chaat masalas, a lot of cinnamon, along with caramelized sugar. Its usually served cold and that's where the real taste lies, to be honest. 

Shell Out: INR 220 

What's More: The Sago Tikka made with red cabbage and potato, the Didingal Mutton Biryani, and the Paneer Dori Kebabs are killer at Ishaara. 

Qahwa On The Rocks, Tripper Cold Cafe

You must have sipped on a normal Qahwa chai in Prithvi but if you like it cool, then walk into the Tripper Cold Cafe in Andheri and call for a Qahwa On The Rocks, the Kashmiri tea's cooler brother. A concoction of Kashmiri saffron, almonds, spices like cinnamon and cardamom, and the right amount of Kashmiri honey make this drink a boon on a humid evening. 

Shell Out: INR 169

What's More: The Chicken Bomb sandwiches with fresh homemade mustard sauce will really leave you wanting for more. Its served with potato wafers and green mint chutney. 

Coca Cola Chicken Wings, MeTime Cafe

If you love your Cola, then you've got to try the Coca Cola Chicken Wings at this tiny Versova cafe. MeTime whips up some fingerlickin' chicken wings that are fused with our favorite soft drink, and we think its one of the best combinations we've tried in a really long time. A plate has around 6 huge pieces, so make sure you have a good appetite. 

Shell Out: INR 230 

What's More: Try their KitKat shake, and maybe the Bombay Bhelpuri Salad if you're in the mood for some chaat. 

Family Style Messob, Maharsh

In case Ethiopian khaana is your jam and you've walked into Maharsh post reading our awesome recommendation, then know that you're in the right place. This vegetarian Ethiopian joint is for days when you're up for both experimental and comfort-to-the-soul kinda food. Their equivalent to the Bohri Thaal is what's called a Family Style Messob, that comprises different kinds of veggies, lentil gravy, an injera (which is an Ethipian clone of sada dosas) that serves as the base for all the food items that are kept on the thaal. If you're unable to visualize this, just grab this at Maharsh guys! 

Shell Out: INR 2,555 for a four-people thaal

What's More: If a thaali's too much for you, get yourself some Injera or garlic bread, and club it with a Mushroom Tibs. 

Jhol Momos, YETI

Yeti's the authentic Himalayan kitchen that our city really needed. Everything in the menu (Assamese/Tibetan/Bhutanese) is unique. But what we'd go back for, are the Jhol Momos. Jhol's an Assamese/Bengali word for soupy/watery things. You'll get around 3 huge momos inside a spicy soupy gravy, and that makes the whole momo-eating experience so very worth it. 

Shell Out: INR 245 

What's More: You could also try their non-veg Thakali Thali that's got a chicken/mutton/pork gravy, with sadeko, rai ko saag, piro aloo, rice, achaar, pickle and curd. 

Vegan Cheese Sticks, Imagine Cafe

With the rise of vegan cafes and restaurants, it's no surprise that a simple dish like cheese sticks have been given a vegan twist. But what works at Imagine Cafe is that their sticks are tastier than the non-vegan ones (really!) The vegan Mozzarella Cheese Sticks at this joint are not just crunchy till the last bite, but also satisfying to much on (whoever said vegan cheese isn't tasty, allow Imagine to prove you wrong.) 

Shell Out: INR 240

What's More: The loaded nachos and quiches too are an excellent snacking option here.