Bhavika posted on 23rd August

Butterscotch, Chocolate & Marzipan: These Mumbai Shops Sell Modaks In Wacky Flavours

Ten-Second Takeaway

We love dumplings all year round, but when Ganpati season comes around, our cravings take a very sweet turn. Modaks {what we can also call the Indian dumpling}, are the call of the hour all 11 days, and are quite frankly unavoidable. If you have had enough of the traditional variety, here’s a list of shops and bakers who make modaks with a modern twist.

Morbiwala Sweet Mart

This little shop in Mulund is known for two ends of the spectrum – both its sweets and its savoury. They are most experimental with their modaks with flavours such as butterscotch, rose, strawberry, black currant multi-coloured pista modak and more. The malai modak will be priced at approximately INR 600 a kilo.

Saptami, Holiday Inn

You know you’ve got to try something new when a restaurant known for Indian cuisine makes something called a marble chocolate modak. Saptami at Holiday Inn {Andheri – East} has added experimental modak flavours to its ever-large selection of desserts. Try out mango coconut, white chocolate, dark chocolate, kesar mawa and steamed modak here. They cost between INR 30–75 a piece and will be available there till September 15.

Nordic Kandie

At Nordic Kandie, Peddar Road’s sweet little bakery, the traditional udakiche modak has been given a more premium twist. They’re making edible gold and silver coated modaks made out of marzipan! If you like nibbling on the marzipan often found on cake toppings, you’ll enjoy this.

Best to gift to a friend who has never tried modak, and may want to start off with more familiar flavours. These are priced at INR 289 a piece for the silver flavoured modak.

Baked With Love

Baked With Love, an eggless dessert company based in SoBo is making delicious modaks in a double chocolate flavour that we’re eyeing. The brand is made by home-baker, Lalan Shah who is giving the traditional rice dumpling a chocolate spin. You can get double chocolate modak made of crunchy jaggery, coconut filling and full of cashews, as well as a sugar-free modak. You can place your order by contacting her on +919870242169.

They are priced at INR 120 for a box of 5 modaks {you can order a minimum of 5 boxes}, INR 250 for a box of 11, and INR 5oo for a box of 21.