This New Travel Company Will Plan Surprise Trips For You In And Around India


    If you’re a creature of habit, and want to mix things up, a travel-based company, Unpland will organise surprise trips for you. And you’ll find out only 24 hours in advance.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Unpland is the newest travel kid on the block, started off in April 2017. Their philosophy is simple – keep it edgy for the new-age travellers. What they do is simply plan a surprise trip for you, right from booking your accommodation to itinerary, flights tickets and all. It is easy to work with, just follow their steps. They will ask you to fill a form {your likes and dislikes and travel preferences}, the budget you are willing to work with, the number of dates you want off, what kind of activities interest you. And of course, the last five destinations you’ve been to.

    Taking from the form, and your requirements, the team at Unpland will make an awesome trip for you. The best bit is, your location is kept a secret from you. It is revealed to you only 24 hours in advance.

    Now now, don’t fret. They will give you hints, with a detailed email containing weather conditions, and how to pack for it. Then the day before, you will find your accommodation and the name of the place you’re going to. How exciting is that? It is basically a spontaneous trip for you sans all the hard work.

    Whether you’re travelling solo, with your partners, or a group – they do it for all. They do budget trips and they start anything from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000.


    Bring back the spontaneity in life and travel to locations that you haven’t been to before. From road trips, to retreats to or luxury vacations, you choose it and they customise it for you.

    You can find more details here.