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Mango, Tequila And More: The Most Unusual Sangrias To Glug In Mumbai

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Sangrias are the devil’s advocate in our lives. They taste good, and so we lazily sip on one {and then another, then another, then another} until we get what we never wanted – drunk. While we’re not ready to break off this potentially scarring {and beautiful} relationship with sangrias but sure are looking for something other than oranges and apples. Here’s a lowdown of bars where you’ll find some unusual sangrias in the city.


Escobar isn’t just your fancy Bandra kid’s go-to bar for no good reason. Have you seen their alcohol list? Within the sangrias alone there are five options available, and we say that you should go for the E Style Sparkling Breeze Sangria here, which is a glass of sparkling wine, mixed with peach liquer. They spring a few pieces of pineapple, watermelon and pomegranate. That vodka that they add to this? That’s just the cherry on top.

#LBBTip: If you are going for round two, check out the Spanish Sangria, with a dangerous concoction of orange vodka, red wine, apple juice and plums and apples in it.

Price: INR 395 for a 180ml glass

Saltwater Cafe

Say adios to white and red wine, and pick the rose for once with the Blushing sangria at Saltwater cafe. They add cranberry juice and for fruits a mix of peaches, plums and apples {it had to appear somewhere}. You could also try the bianco which is a white wine with peach combination, with an additional element of ginger in it.

Price: INR 425 for a 150ml glass

Asia Kitchen & Bar

You know the expression, drink like the Japanese do. Okay, we just made that up, but our point was to entice you to try the saké sangria at the new Asia Kitchen & Bar which has just opened up in Andheri. They take the Japanese rice wine Saké and make a wonderful concoction of passion fruit puree, apple cider and lemongrass syrup {made inhouse} and apple juice. That on top of 30ml of tequila make it something to look forward to guzzle. This is served in a mini black cauldron pot and served with cut mandarin slices and apples, and a sprig of lemongrass for the final touch. Interested?

Price: INR 475 plus taxes for a 175ml glass


And what have you ever even had if not the sangrias at Terttulia? They have two types – each better than the other. The Terttulia Sunday Sangria is made a night before by pouring three bottles of red wine, a lot of orange juice, lime juice, sugar syrup into an ice-filled bucket. It’s then a mix of green apples and oranges. The melon sangria is made by the same method, only it’s a combination of white wine, peach syrup and scooped out musk melon. The longer these fruits are stored in the wine, the yummier.

#LBBTip: They have cocktail hours which would make anybody really happy because everything is 1+1 including the sangria pitchers. Go there between 4–7.30pm on all days.

Price: approx INR 460 a glass, approx INR 2,600 a pitcher

Smokehouse Deli

Here, you’ve got to be a little secretive and ask for something off the menu – their sparkling fruity sangrias. These can be made in any fruit flavour you like – melon, orange, berry, peach or even fresh kiwi. We’d go for a kiwi sangria any day.

Price: Since it’s not on the menu, it could be anything between INR 450–550 a glass