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Uptown Funk: We Have No Rheson To Not Like Sonam And Rhea Kapoor's Clothing Brand


    Rheson – a creative collaboration between the Kapoor sisters {Rhea and Sonam} is a cheerful clothing brand. We tell you why you should check it out.

    What Makes It Awesome

    With all fashion brands using similar fonts, brand language and ”tone of communication” – Rheson may not be starkly different, but it does stand out. It’s out there, but still manages to be subtle. The brand image seems to be unapologetic and realistic with no flying hair, long gown tails or an overdose of ‘look-at-me-I’m-fashionable’ vibe. Instead, it’s goofy, charming and approachable. Also, hello 90s charm.

    It’s easygoing and comfortable – so you’ll see drop shoulder shirts {INR 1,500}, button-down dresses {INR 1,799}, bodysuits {INR 799}, stationery print shirts {INR 1,099} and hoodies that don’t belong to an international university/sports brand. One of the collections is inspired by the beloved ‘Mogra’ – a flower symbolic of unspoken elegance. There’s also stationery, candy, Phantom cigarettes-printed shirt {INR 799} , skirts {INR 1199} and more to look forward to. Bags start at INR 2,099 and are durable, no-nonsense and good-looking. Everything here, in fact, is priced under INR 3,999.

    We’d buy it in a heartbeat – there’s no air, it’s affordable and amiable.


    Don't miss out on their 'Mogra' collection.