Weaving Tales: This Brand Supports Artisans, Brings Traditional Weaves To Life

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Vani Vrtti

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What Makes It Awesome

It's only over the last few years that I have truly started appreciating sarees. While I always loved how beautiful they looked, I could never quite get a handle on how to drape one perfectly. But, as they say, perfection is overrated, and so started my exploration of all things saree. Having started out with a few hand-me-downs and gifts, I've now curated a good collection of my own. Of course, with that comes searching for new and interesting brands to shop from, right?

That's where Vani Vrtti comes in. Originally started out from a home art studio in Koraput, Odisha, the brand's shifted bases and now operates out of Bangalore. Anupriya Mriha, a NIFT grad started the business, and today it's run by Anupriya and her partner and co-founder, Amlan. Here, it's about giving our artisans and weavers a means to practice and earn from their craft so that all that we have can be passed down to the next generation. I fell for their beautiful handwoven and handcrafted products myself and their saree designs honour our unique heritage and revive our ancient traditions. And the colours and patterns are eye-catching to say the least! 

Speaking of colours and patterns, we hear that their Lotus Parrot saree is a bestseller, a wearable cotton ikat with a motif of interwoven parrots and lotuses (INR 9500), while their Tussar silks drape beautifully in a play of textures and patterns that bring old and new together  (INR 18,500) and for me, personally, it was an Emerald Green Peepal Khadi Ikkat that entirely stole my heart (INR 21,500)

What Could Be Better

At INR 9,500 upwards, these are not impulse buys. But you are paying for original designs and painstaking hand weaves and handcrafted work that are time and labour intensive.


If you adore handwoven fabrics and appreciate the work of our artisans, then this brand that translates as 'Weaving Livelihoods' in Sanskrit may be the one you are looking for.