Getaway Goals: Stay At An Eco-Friendly Clay House In Parule


    We've been thinking lately about how we're stuck in the diurnal routine and forget to gift ourselves a vacay. And when we came across Vasundhara Eco Villa in Parule, we knew we had to consider taking a break. And so should you, if your story's the same.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Choosing the right villa is of prime pertinence while vacationing and this one with a huge garden space and a personal swimming pool makes life tranquil. Vasundhara EcoHouse is an eco-friendly property made out of clay predominantly, and the spacious (Instagram-worthy) rooms are what sustainable living looks like. For INR 3,500 (per room) they have a roof made out of bamboo and wood, and a spiral staircase that stands on wooden logs (super cool, right?) 

    There's a garden with hammocks for you to lie down and read a book or two, or just enjoy a little nap. And if you want to swim it out to beat the heat, make a splash on their private pool. And in case you're a foodie, chow down an authentic Malvani thali. Apart from that, your breakfast and tea is included in the room charge, and if you have a big group of around eight people, this house is a perfect chilling spot. So grab your tribe and make the weekend count. 


    Vasundhara EcoHouse is quite centrally located. The market place is nearby, and many pretty tourist spots like Malvan, Tarkali, Devbag, and the Bhogawe beach are all within a radius of 10 kilometres, in case you want to put on your exploration cap.