Switch To Sustainability With These Vegan Leather Bags From Azure By Payal


    What Makes It Awesome

    We’ve all picked up a leather bag from the shelf of a store and then put it back because of the guilt that comes with it. Azure solves that dilemma for you. Built by Payal, Azure is a lifestyle brand which makes vegan leather bags and footwear for your everyday needs. These bags are extremely lightweight and spacious, and also come with a zipper, so that all of your stuff doesn’t fall out during rush hour!

    Azure provides all sorts of bags, from slings to travel bags to monochrome totes, laptop bags, ring bags and even a bag for the gym! These bags are really versatile in terms of their use, they also help you style up with a good cause, as it is all faux, with the same look. With a price range of INR 950- INR 1950, Azure provides options such as classic leather as well as colourful suedes. They also mix and match embroidery with their faux leather, giving an ever so classy look and feel to their bags.   

    Azure also has a variety of options for loafers and mules, we found the classic tan loafers and some floral ones too, along with comfortable mules suitable for all sorts of events, parties, weddings and even just a day out with your friends.


    Azure also provides for personalised passport covers, for the travel junkie in you.