There's A New Andheri Eatery Which Serves Delish Multi-Cuisine Healthy Thalis

    Andheri West, Mumbai


    Aharveda – The Peace Food Company has opened up in Golden Chariot by the same people behind the RadhaKrishna Hotel and the food skips oil, sugar, dairy and gluten.

    Chow Down

    Aharveda by Dr. Harish Shetty aims to reconcile healthy and nutritious food with the experience of dining out. Therefore, the entire menu is vegan but at the same time does not skip the traditional flavours. Now now, if you’re a skeptic, let us break down the menu for you. The menu offers multi-cuisine dishes. There’s soups, appetizers, healthy and freshly made juices {including the vegetable juices}, mains, desserts and a thali of the champions. We started off with the cream of mushroom soup {INR 150} which had all the subtle flavours except the cream was substituted by coconut cream. We moved on the Chef’s salad, a fresh concoction of musk melon seeds, watermelon, mint and everything that a salad needs to be. If you’re looking to try something exciting, we highly recommend the Mexican thali consisting of tacos made from rajgira atta {substitute for wheat}. It came with three in-house dips of salasa, guacamole and a cheesy dip made from cashew nut paste and coconut milk. To end it all, we had the Aharveda thali {INR 400}, or as we like to call it, thali for the champions. This gigantic thali is served on a silver platter with 13 dishes alongside a cup of coconut milk chaas. The thali includes patata vada, salad, two vegetable dishes {potatoes and boiled beans}, sama seeds rice, brown ice rotis, chana, dal, dhokla, three kinds of pickles and delicious kheer made with jaggery.

    So, We're Saying...

    We went in with skepticism and expectations of obnoxiously healthy food which would cost us a bomb. However, the dishes on the menu, though are super healthy, did not lack the flavour at all. To top it all, everything on the menu is really affordable {a meal for two would cost INR 400 to INR 500}. It’s a great place to take your vegetarian friends, or just go here to take a break from your meat sessions.
      Andheri West, Mumbai