Vegetarians, Get 10 Types Of Paneer Rolls At This Food Court In Matunga

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Rahul’s Food Court, a food joint in Malabar Hill and Matunga, makes delicious vegetarian snacks and has no qualms about it.

Serve Up The Green

As a no-meat eater, it’s honestly exhausting being offered tandoori chicken and kebabs when you express your hunger. In times like those, when a light snack is but necessary, walk to Rahul’s Food Court, and get spoilt for choice. They have, and we aren’t kidding, over 10 kinds of paneer rolls alone, from a simple paneer to aloo paneer, paneer cheese, paneer payo, and even a crazy tongue-twister-like paneer mayo cheese schezwan roll.

What Else?

A whole lot of grilled sandwiches, veg rolls, south Indian dishes {including a chocolate dosa} and Indian-style pizza {you know the we kind we mean, saucy and spicy}, await you here. Chow down on platefuls of maggi and khichya if you want to keep it simple, and you could wash it down with some cold coffee.

So, We’re Saying…

These guys stay open till midnight {and even beyond} so fix yourself a snack from here, whenever hunger calls.