A Beach With Zero Tourists & Gorgeous Sunsets, This One Must Be Bookmarked

    What Makes It Awesome

    A quiet beach on the Konkan coast, Velneshwar is a dream for anybody who likes to get away from the noise. It’s quaint, and you can expect nobody to disturb you while you tell apart the oranges from the pinks during sunset.

    Located north of Shastri River in Maharashtra, the beach is connected to other parts of the state, and is approximately 50 km from the National Highway 17 and 290 kms from Mumbai. Though it does not have its own airport or railway station, Velneshwar is easily accessible through rail and road. You can hop on a bus and get there in about 6 hours.

    Velneshwar is not a very popular tourist destination (which is a good thing we suppose), and hence does not have a blooming staying scene. But there’s a seaside resort called Kinara Beach House where you can stay. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s got the view. You can just sit in the balcony with a beer (or whatever floats your boat). As for the food, you can gorge on local Konkani fare. If you prefer the road less-travelled, Velneshwar is where you should head. And if Goa seems to be the place to avoid, you can hop on a bus and be here in half the time it takes to get to Goa.


    Don't forget to carry your beach essentials, toiletries, bluetooth speakers and a book.