Check Out This New Set Of Buzz In Vikhroli!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Global Quarters - Your new party destination in the midst of Vikhroli.

It was an absolute delight to step into this place and I'll be honest, an area like Vikhroli having such a thumping experience- My oh my! It just turns the tables here.

These guys are a newbie in the block and guess they were already flooded with some crazy parties and people they were catering to on their top section.

Some of the Orders at this Quarters -

Started with The Sezari (vodka) LIIT - ( All time fav) - gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, and the cranberry + wine twist. Giving the much-needed welcome kick.

For the Salads, we tried their wine scented pear & artichoke salad which was quite the healthy entree. The greens were very fresh and tossed neatly with the wine.

Nibbles included - The Get Cracking - contained chips, papad, cheese sticks, nachos and 4 dips that came along. The banana chips inside this were basic and felt it could be replaced with something much better. Very average in terms of the choice.

Appetizers included -

Pav Bhaji Crostini - it’s like these bread sliders with the pav bhaji filling on top of it. A new variation to taste like a dish and well made in this case.

Nachos - pretty basic and tangy. Had the melted cheese, green chutney and some bell peppers sprinkled on top.

We also ordered some of their Main course dishes that included The Masamman Curry (Tofu), some ravioli specials, bocconcini Makhani, and the Veg Biryani. However, I couldn’t try the same above as I was really stuffed in but my mates who were with me relished every bite of these dishes.

Out of the deserts ordered the one which really steals the show was the Palak Halwa - didn’t even taste like one. Sweet had the subtle taste and just the right texture for all ingredients put in.

Overall, Dj was just phenomenal and If anyone was around, they could see me lisping the lyrics of some foot tapping beats he was playing. The food was just lovely. The drinks were just tipsy and more loved the spacing and the fact it wasn’t one of those cramped lounge experiences!

All the best! This is the new landmark in this area I’m sure.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1000

Best To Go With?

Bae, Big Group