Live Your Best Life At This Villa That Has A Cycling Track And A Pool

    What Is it?

    A four-bedroom getaway in Mandwa called Fun Pool Villa on Airbnb, this is for the ones who want to take it really slow for a weekend. A mix of modern and ethnic design elements, the space is equipped to handle more than 16 guests.

    How Do I Get There?

    The best way to get to Mandwa is by hopping on to a jetty from Gateway of India. But since it’s monsoon, that will be shut, So, your best bet is to drive down and make it a road trip. It’ll take you about three hours to reach.

    What's Unique About It?

    Other than the swimming pool, it also has a cycling track, a veggie patch, a pool table and a garden to stroll in. So, whether you want to organise a small get together or take the entire villa to live the grand life with your partner, it’s your call. The villa comes at INR 24,900 per night.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you still haven’t planned that mandatory monsoon trip, consider this villa and add it to your shortlist. Book it here.