Carpets, Trinkets & More: This Colaba Store Is The Cure To A Stressful Day

    What Makes It Awesome

    Walking down the streets of Colaba is always a stress buster, but what really makes it awesome is the fact that there are hidden gems around you that can transport you to another place. Literally. Say hello to Kashmir Handloom & Handicrafts. Hidden right next to Sahakari Bhandar across Regal Cinema is this quaint basement store that's all things Kashmiri and pretty fancy. As you walk down the store, you see pretty carpets and decor items like boxes, tea sets, wooden figurines and even vases to get you into the mood to shop, or, at least, window shop.  Once you walk in, you first see their silver jewellery collection that ranges from chains and sets to rings and pretty, ethnic earrings that will make you want to spend your money. As you move on, you'll see their carpets section, with rugs and throws as well. The carpets start at INR 25,000 and can even go up to10 lakhs (the semi-precious stone-studded beauties.) As you move in further, you enter their papier mache section that has boxes, trinkets, Kashmiri Shikaras, decorative elephants, pen holders, candle stands and more. The price range begins at INR 200. Move in deeper and you'll find bags, cushion covers, tops, kurtas, Pashmina shawls, dress materials and a section that's just dedicated to sarees. The tops range from INR 500 to INR 2,500; the shawls start at INR 250 to INR 5 lakhs (yes, we had to ask twice!)  While chatting with the owner, we were told that they sell genuine saffron here, for INR 350. Also, handmade products are expensive while the machine-made ones are cheaper, so ask if you don't want your pockets to feel too light. 

    How Much Did It Cost

    ₹500 - ₹3000