Had A Late Night In Powai? Head To Maddu's Mess For 4.30AM Breakfast

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Maddu’s Mess is a modest and unpretentious stall outside IIT Bombay serving simple but tasty breakfast food for two people under INR 100.

Chow Down

Although the eatery has a limited menu starting at INR 40 and ending at INR 50, they sev dal vada, medu vada, sada and masala dosa. The star of the menu is anda {egg} dosa.

Sip On

Pair that with their filter kaapi and you’re set to take on the day, even with a hangover probably.

So, We're Saying...

The place can be a little difficult to locate for non-IITians. It’s best to go with a pal who studies/lives there. It’s about 100 metres from the IIT market gate and at the beginning of Padmavati road.