Drunken Deliciousness: An Oshiwara Dhaba Is Serving Vodka Pani Puri

    Andheri West, Mumbai


    We’ve always like the north Indian delicacies at Pratap Da Dhaba in Andheri, but what we’re now in love with is their amazing vodka pani puri {and much more}.

    Chow Down

    Without beating around the bush, let us just get to the point- Pratap Da Dhaba serves vodka pani puri and we’re in love. Yes, real love. This kind of a spike pani puri is still more of an unknown delicacy in Mumbai. So when we tried it recently, we loved it for the innovative concept and the amazing flavours. The service here, as always, is prompt and courteous. We also took a fancy to their rabdi jalebi, while for the mains we chose the delicious prawn biryani.

    So, We're Saying...

    We’re just leaving this at vodka pani puri because we know you will go here for this!

      Andheri West, Mumbai