Volunteer Here: This Animal Shelter In Malad Has Undergone A Gorgeous Makeover

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One of the leading animal shelters in the city has undergone a makeover and we explore why you should give it a visit.

What Is It?

Animals Matter To Me {AMTM}, housed in a bungalow in Marve, Malad has been redone and we’re in awe. The walls now have pet art on them that’ll make you question your reluctance to adopt a pet.

From colourful dog faces to minimal art on the walls, this is a huge step for AMTM. Paws painted on the walls, dogs posing with the art and owning it – if you’re ever around Marve, we’d suggest you go and say hi to these cuties.

So, We're Saying...

If you feel for abandoned pets and strays, AMTM is always game to get you as a volunteer. If you wish to donate, go here.