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Book Your Tickets: India's First Virtual Reality Cinema Has Opened In Bandra


    The owners of Matterden, Enlighten, have done it yet again and have opened India’s first VR Cinema in Bandra.

    What’s The Scene?

    Now, if you are wondering what on earth a VR cinema is, we don’t blame you. After all, the first in the world opened up in Amsterdam only this May. VR equals Virtual Reality, and it’s a new form of cinema where the viewer doesn’t face a screen in one direction, but instead puts on a VR set, and immersed in the movie.

    The movies screened will be classics and new cinema in English and foreign languages too. This will be taking place in the spectacular Bombay Art Society building in Bandra, where a few VR sets are available with the headphones.

    Short films and feature films will also be screened on the big screen in the auditorium, while VR movie showcasing goes on in a separate room.

    So, We’re Saying…

    This is a bandwagon we are more than happy to jump on to. If you think we are ignoring you when we bump into each other at this cinema on Sundays, we aren’t, we are just lost in our own VR movie world.

    The tickets for each Sundays shows {VR and regular movie screening} will be available on the BookMyShow website.

    Check their website and follow them on Facebook here.