Bacon, Nachos Or Pani Puri Ice Cream: Do You Have A Sweet Tooth For These Wacky Flavours?

Ten-Second Takeaway

We like starters and main course, but we love desserts – there we said it. But what would happen if desserts donned flavours of starters or main course? Paani puri or nachos ice cream, anyone?

If you’re the adventurous type when it comes to food, and feel that your taste buds can handle more than just the regular vanilla and chocolate flavours, you should be game for what’s ahead.


Papa Cream

Located outside Churchgate Station {inside Eros building}, is Papa Cream. This place has your traditional ice creams, yes, but then also gives you the option to try some unique flavours such as nachos and paani puri. Interestingly, the owners use liquid nitrogen to give you that smooth texture. And yes, they maintain that their ice creams are 100% vegetarian.

Price: INR 450 approx. {for two people}

Dessert Parlours



Cambatta Building, 18, J.T Road, Churchgate, Mumbai


Le 15 Patisserie

While Le 15 is known more for its cakes and macarons, it has a little secret – the macaron ice cream. Served in a waffle cone, the macaron ice cream has several macarons stacked up on top of each other, making you say – “Baby, that ice cream is mine.”

Price: INR 500 approx. {for two people}


Dessert Parlours

Le15 Patisserie

Indiabulls Finance Center, K.G.Marg, Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar, Lower Parel, Mumbai

  • Price for two: ₹ 500

Bina's Homemade Ice Cream

Similar to Naturals, Bina’s homemade ice cream is a home delivery experience. You know, when you want to sit back with a tub, while your favourite show plays on TV? They have flavours like lemongrass and water chestnut with coconut in their kitty.

Price: INR 300 approx. {for two people}

To Order, Call: +919930312999



This Japanese restaurant in Santacruz boasts of a dessert called the Big Bang Theory {a specialised pastry chef lays out a silicon mat and prepares edible stars, planets, asteroids and stardust!}. All this is cooled to a minus 200-degree temperature with liquid nitrogen and then served as the galaxy on your plate.

It’s a dessert that is available off the menu, depending on the chef’s availability. However, if you’re unlucky, you could also try the prune and armagnac ice cream.

Price: INR 2,500 {for two people for a full meal}


Fine Dining


Savoy Chambers, Ground Floor, Next To Mini Cooper Showroom, Santacruz West, Mumbai



Another Japanese restaurant that makes it to the list, Kofuku never fails to surprise us, whether it’s food or dessert. Here, we suggest you try out the green tea ice cream. It’s a pretty, pista green-coloured dessert, but the taste is unlike anything you’ve had before. People who are open to experimentation may either love it or hate it, but we won’t deny the burst of flavours it gives out.

Price: INR 2,300 {for two people for a full meal}


Casual Dining


Suburbia Mall, 6th Floor, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai



We have no dearth of ice cream and other dessert options in Bandra, but Bono has taken things to the next level. What’s on the menu? Using organic milk and no preservatives, the shop whips up ice cream flavours such as blue cheese honey {a savoury tasting dessert}, milk chocolate bacon, a dark chocolate Italian truffle oil, sugar-free dark chocolate sea.

Price: INR 250 for 125ml and INR 750 for 500ml {bacon ice cream}

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Bono Boutique Ice Cream


Savia Building, Shop 3, Rebello Road, Bandra West, Mumbai