Curious Minds Find A Simple And Engaging Answer To So Many Topics On This Blog

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What Makes It Awesome

Wait But Why, if you've ever stopped to ask yourself this question, you might find plenty to interest you on this fun and informative blog that is honestly built for every procrastinator out there. If you're expecting fancy graphics or videos, this site is not for you. But if you like well-researched, engaging and quirky content particularly in the fields of Science and Tech, you might find this site interesting, as I did. 

Each post is a combination of stick figures (the kind we drew in school when we were kids) used to illustrate various topics, combined with graphics and information. A lot of their posts are political in nature, and more focused on American politics so depending on your interests you may or may not find those interesting. But there are others that are more universal in nature like "How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)", "It's 2020 And You're In The Future", "Oceans And Clay" "100 Blocks a Day" and more. A large portion of the blog deals with science and tech and presents complex information and topics in an easy to read and understand manner like cryonics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Founded by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn, this blog has covered a host of interesting topics and if you're looking for an informative way to kill time (and or procrastinate), this blog's got plenty to read that you may find cool to browse through.

What Could Be Better

The blog is rather sporadic in terms of updating new content.