Grab Attar, Shawarmas And Kaftans On Colaba's Very Own Arab Street

Did you know Colaba has its very own Arab street? While it’s not an official name, it’s what we’ve coined a small alley we found off Causeway selling Middle Eastern spices, food, hookah and more. Check out what we found there – including possibly the city’s best shawarma.


Tom Ford made the smell of oud popular, we know. But this smell that’s associated with Arabs is strong, long-lasting and one that takes a little getting used to. And if you’re a sucker for that woody fragrance, all you need to is take a walk down this street which can boast of about a dozen perfume and attar stores – small and big – all located almost next to each other.

While the most popular store, Ajmal is perennially crowded, there are other small stores too, such as Al-Habib Kambodi, that sell popular middle-eastern fragrances in attar and perfume form. Indian fragrances can cost about INR 100 for a 3ml bottle, and an imported fragrance will cost around INR 1,500 for the same quantity.


Al-Habib Kambodi Perfumes


Grant Building, Ground Floor, Shop 1, HNAA Azmi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai


Imported chocolates, fruits, hookah

This small roadside stall is prominently located at the start of the footpath that also houses the famous restaurant, Koyla. From hookahs to imported chocolates {such as Galaxy, Snickers, Kit Kat}, you’ll find it all in abundance here, including imported dry fruits and dried fruits. Adjacent to this stall is a another fruit vendor who keeps imported apples, dragon fruits and more.

Where: On the footpath below Koyla, N.A. Azmi Road, Next To Radio Club, Colaba


Love sheesha? Head to Koyla and let them make you some flavourful hookah. One of the older restaurants in Colaba, go there for a scrumptious meal along with delicious sheesha and come out a happy soul.

Casual Dining



Kamal Mansion, 3/23, Next To Radio Club, Azmi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai



Kaftans may not be very common here, but if you do feel like owning one, you’ll find plenty of variety to choose from on this street. Check out G.K. Textiles & Fabrics store for their multiple options. Their kaftans start from INR 2,000. You can also choose from the several other shops that across the lane.

Fabric Stores

G.K. Textiles & Fabrics


7/22-A, Grant Building, Haji Niyaz Ahmed Azmi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai


Gulf Spices

Think authentic biryani or tandoori masala, delicious, best quality dry fruits, condiments and more at Gulf Spices, a small store located towards the end of the lane. Just walking into the store will transport you into a whole new world.

Food Plaza, Café Ideal, Modern Juice Centre

Think close to authentic kabsa, or delicious mandhi rice or even a perfectly-made shawarma, all you need to do is get to Food Plaza, Ideal Restaurant or Modern Juice Centre. Enjoy their flavourful delicacies and go back home a very happy soul.

Casual Dining

Food Plaza


Grants Building, 8/32, Near Strand Cinema, HNA Azmi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai