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Episode One: A Pub With No Particular Dress Code!

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What Makes It Awesome?

EPISODE One is a place known for it's no dress code tag line. So you can come up here with your simplest attire and enjoy the best here.
They have had a very vibrant vibe with the blue and red vibes making it look a typical restro pub kind of place.

They have a very extensive menu with all kinds and types of variety of cuisines from which trying sushis, dim sums is a must. The staff here are extremely courteous and quick at their work. The service is good and fast for your tables. Do go with their suggestion as they suggest you the best.

Must-try dishes would be:

1- Mogo mogo old fashioned- a whiskey-based cocktail very mild yet a bit strong enough to hit you.
2- Limit Carbon Lemonade- it's one of their classic cocktails with the lemonade being in Black colour and traditionally made LIIT.
3- Berries and rose- a vodka-based cocktail with berries as base and roses on top. It's a must-have drink.
4- Blue tea and gondohoraj- Gin lovers this is that one cocktail you should try for it's mild and soothing feeling it gives you.
5- Mushroom Truffle Buns - a classic Asian appetizer basically in the form of a bao with Mushroom stuffing inside made from the truffle oil.
6- Cheetos coated Chicken Slider - a really small burger with fries and a very crunchy Patty severed with cheese sauce a definite one to try if you want to stay light.
7- Philadelphia Crab Sushi - classic maki roll with cream cheese, cucumber and crab inside Totally loved it.
8- Spicy tuna Maki Roll- maki roll with spicy tuna and having spicy mayo detail makes it a classic one.
9- Tofu chilli bean and blue rice- it's their signature dish that one should try with the perfect portion for two, with mild flavours in the curry and rice was just perfectly made.
10- Picante- flat wheat Pasta made with chilli oil, tomato, olives, sundried tomatoes, having a red texture making it really light and perfectly made.
11- Carmel tart - the lightest dessert one can have with caramel tart served with an orange crush, strawberry crush, ice cream and Coco powder. Loved the combination

A special mention to ail for being an amazing person throughout my meal and thanks for making a delightful one.

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