So, You Wanna Be A Bartender? These 3 Mumbai Schools Will Train You Just Right

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There’s nothing more enriching and satisfying than following your dreams. We’re way past the stage of restricting ourselves to the conventional doctor/lawyer and engineering professions. Now we are all about stand-up comedians, mountaineers and bartenders.

With this, we’ve gotten our guide to the fun and the exciting bar tending courses that you can sign up for.

STIR: Academy Of Bartending

STIR Academy of Bartending was set up in 1997 as a platform for people who’re interested in learning about bartending and getting training in the field. It’s run by Shatbhi Basu, the first female bartender in India. The institute pioneers bartenders – with a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

They have a six to seven month part-time course. It’ll happen three times a week at least and is a three-hour class. The fee is INR 40,000 and once you graduate, there, you’re a certified bartender. A lot of the graduates have gone to open up their own enterprises, have worked at popular bars – including five-star hotels.

Flairology: Bar School And Events

Flairology is another bar school based out of Mumbai and it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking to get a head start in the bar tending field. Here, they have professionals who will be coming in and taking the classes and one-day workshops that happen often.

You’ll be learning the methods of combining and mixing drinks, engineering a menu, different styles of cocktails, the latest trends of bartending and much more.

They currently offer a standard bartending course for three months and it happens six days a week. The classes last for two hours and the fee is INR 43,000 (inclusive of taxes).


Drinq is a bartending academy that is also affiliated with Flaming Trio (the pan-India bartending institute). Co-founded by Binny Dhadwal, the academy offers one-day workshop, passion course, a professional bartending course and a bartending upgrade course.

If you’re serious about bartending and want to be a cool bartender flaring shots and mixing drinks at a bar, then we recommend signing up for the professional bartending course. It’s a three-month course which happens three times a week and each class lasts three hours. The fee is INR 34,500 (including taxes). Bonus point – it also includes a one-month on the job training at a popular bar in Mumbai. Think Bar Stock Exchange and the Socials across the city.