Working In Parel? Stop By The Khau Galli Near Elphinstone Road Station

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Those who work in and around Elphinstone Road {India Bulls folks, we’re looking at you} are very familiar with the delicious spread of fast food that’s available right below the Elphinstone bridge. So we decided to walk through this small khau galli, which is home to some amazing dosas, dabelis, bhajiya pav and more. The street stalls start opening from 11 am and go on till 10pm.

Rainbow Sandwiches

Siddhivinayak Sandwich Corner is where you should be for a quick, yet filling bite. From bread-butter {INR 10} to a vegetable sandwich {INR 20}, and from veg samosa cheese grill {INR 70} to the mouth-watering chocolate sandwich {INR 40}, there’s way too much variety at this stall for anyone’s liking. They also have a chocolate cheese sandwich {INR 50} with generous quantities of both, chocolate and cheese, that can easily shoot up your day’s calorie count {but who cares when the food is so good, right?}. Go here if you’re on the move and want something quick to munch on. {Head to what we found near Kamala Mills if you’re craving an omelette sandwich.}

Mysore Masala Dosa

This is hands down the best snack on the street. Navi Vishva stall cooks up sumptuous dosas one after the other and with different varieties – from Mysore masala dosa {INR 50, and our favourite} to spring onion dosa {INR 50} and even Chinese masala dosa {INR 50}, go here for a happy meal that’s freshly made to perfection right in front of your eyes. And those chutneys he serves are simply amazing too.

Vada Pav And Bhajiya Pav For The Hungry Commuters

Don’t have the time to wait and eat? Go to the vada pav stall in the khau galli that will give you piping hot vada pavs and bhajiya pavs with spicy, dry red chutney. Priced at INR 6, the vadas are soft and decently sized, making them an easy option for on-the-go eating.

Kutchi Dabeli

There are two Kutchi dabeli stalls in this lane, but we love the one run by Akshay Dilip Sutar. Priced at INR 12, a dabeli is a popular street snack in Gujarat and Mumbai. It is essentially a spicy, tangy and sweet potato filling inside a pav, and is drizzled with a spicy and sweet chutney and some onions, pomegranate and sev. The one made here is delectable and tasty enough for you to have two in a row.

Fresh Chips, Chivda And More

If you’re looking at stocking up your office drawers with some munchies, go to this stall that will give you freshly made and packaged chakli, kela wafers, potato chips, sev, chivda, karela chips and a lot more. The small packets are priced at INR 10 and while the 100 gms packets are for INR 30.

Lemongrass Chai

Who doesn’t like a cutting chai? Every Mumbaikar sure does, and this stall here also gives you some lemongrass-infused cutting chai, which instantly enhances its flavour. Priced at INR 6, come here during your after break and shoo away the sleep thanks to a boring {or may be busy} day at work.

End With Paan

Chaurasia Paan Bhadar gives only two kinds of paans – Calcutta meetha {INR 25} and Benarasi paan {INR 30}. Generously stiffed with gulkand, cherries, and whatnot, this paan is the perfect way to end your meal and make your way back to the office. Trust us, it’s big enough for you to not be able to finish in one go {unless you want to stuff it all in your mouth and not be able to talk}.