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    Warm, Stylish, Light: The Ultimate Guide To Packing For Winter Holidays In Europe

    Shilpi posted on 12 November

    Planning, and packing, for trips, especially during the winters is a confusing affair. You’ve got to look good, stay warm, travel light and have plenty of options. And it all seems practically impossible with airline luggage allowances and freezing temperatures! We’re usually confused about how to pair up in-vogue outfits with bulky winter coats. Plus, being in India, it gets a bit difficult to gauge how cold the European winters really are. However, the gorgeous destinations will make you want to visit for sure. Come on, you can’t say no to wood fires, Christmas markets and snowfall! So make those plan, and we’ll help with the packing. Here are helpful style tips to make your escapades, and packing for them, so much easier.

    Layer Up

    The best way to stay warm is to layer yourself up. And that’s the thought you must have when planning your daily outfits. Mix and match everyday so you can deal with fluctuating temperatures without compromising on your style. Pack up your fleece-lined leggings/joggers, portable parka, waterproof jacket to stay warm on those deceptively cold days. You can also choose to carry a few chunky sweaters & turtlenecks to stay warm while making a style statement (if you can accessorise it right). And don’t forget to pack soft undershirts & log johns to keep you warm without letting the wool irritate your skin. Be sure to pack cotton fabrics because there’s nothing worse than walking around in hefty looking jackets while drenched in sweat underneath it all. And make sure you take nice stuff under the coats as most public spaces are heated.

    Toiletry Tool Kit

    Apart from the basics, you might need a couple of extras to protect yourself against the harsh cold climate and the dryness of those temperatures. Be sure to pack loads of lotions, lip balms and Vaseline to keep your skin safe. In addition to keeping your skin & lips soft, they can also be used as an effective alternative for make-up remover & dry scalp treatment. Dry shampoo is also a blessing in disguise during such times. Be sure to carry hand warmers for that extra bit of warmth.

    Accessorise Yourself

    You can never have too many (small and smart) accessories. It’s essential to pack a couple of versatiles scarves, gloves with texting pads (cannot stay off our phones, can you?), mitts, toques, caps and a lot a lot of warm cotton and woollen socks. If you’re fussy about your hair, the get some cute earmuffs & headbands and make a fashion quotient out of it. Also, don’t forget to carry a pair of sunglasses. Sunny snowy winter can be pretty blinding so prepare for it in advance, and in style! If you’re planning on skiing, then even more so!

    Got Baggage?

    Lugging around your suitcases & backpacks is a task on most days. Add to it snow and ice, and things become 10 times worse. Pick a suitcase with strong handles, especially if a lot of heavy lifting is involved. And wheels! Those are a proper blessing when you’re lugging them around. If you’re a backpack kind, we would suggest stuff everything in a large, sturdy rucksack with adjustable straps to fit all your layers of clothes in with ease. For the day, carry a crossbody bag or a smaller backpack for all your necessities.

    Comfort For Your Feet

    Whether you’re trekking or taking a leisure walk, the most important aspect of any activity is a comfortable pair of shoes. Warm boots with thick rubber soles and good grip to keep your feet dry while walking through the snow is always a good idea. If you’re looking for something dressy, then take a pair of leather boots. Ladies, ditch the pencil heels in favour of chunky block ones, if you must. Slippers for when you’re indoors is also a must. 

    So, We Are Saying…

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