Home Decor Paradise In Colaba & It's 60-Year-Old Filled With Aesthetic Stuff

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you want to live like a local in Mumbai, then you have to take long strolls down the streets of Colaba. I'm particularly fond of the area behind Taj Mahal Hotel. The lanes are lined with stores of various kinds, and some times, you truly come across some hidden gems such as Mahad Joo & Sons.  Specialising in everything from handicrafts to carpets, shawls and even jewellery, this 60-year-old store is a shopper's paradise. The store is huge, to say the least. Divided into multiple sections, each space is dedicated to the kind of products they specialise in. The handicrafts here are sourced from across the country, so watch out for Meenakari figures, brass items, marble vases, chess sets, and many other decor products, along with sandalwood art.  As you walk in further, you will be greeted by an array of carpets, starting from the 2X3 feet ones, going up to 12X18 feet. If we had to choose our favourite from the lot, I'd pick the handwoven Last Supper carpet, which was breathtaking to say the least. They have vintage carpets with semi-precious stones along with hand-knotted carpets available in a vast range of colours.  When it comes to soft furnishings, I fell in love with their handwoven Kashmiri cushion covers. It's no surprise that they have probably the finest collection of pashminas I've seen in the city (they all passed the ring test). I can honestly go on and on, because there's so much they have to offer. I spent a fair amount of time trying their hand-woven Kashmiri suits, ponchos and kaftans too.  Handicrafts are priced staring INR 500 upwards, carpets INR 6,000 upwards, shawls INR 3,000 upwards, and home accessories starting INR 600 upwards. The owner, Ruhana, is full of stories, knows the history behind each of the produucts and will be happy to take you around.