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Netflix And Commute? We Tried The Free WiFi At Mumbai Train Stations


    We decided to check out the free Wifi at Bandra, Dadar and Churchgate – and here’s the low down on its speed, connectivity and of course, how many social media platforms can we access.

    How Does It Work?

    After Bombay Central, free WiFi services have been launched at Kalyan, Kurla, Dadar, Bandra, Churchgate and Khar Road railway station. The process is simple. Connect to ‘RailWire’ WiFi. It’ll direct us to a page where we input our phone number.

    First up is Bandra. We perched on a bench and decided to try out the WiFi. Bandra’s WiFi actually turned out to be actually quite decent. Within a minute, we were connected to the WiFi. We are ecstatic and straight off decide to stream YouTube videos – and we kid not, the speed is super fast. It takes no time to stream. Excited with the speed, we manage to upload a photo on Facebook, check in to Instagram for updates and even listen to LBB’s Mix Tape.

    Then we decide to Netflix and chill, except when we start downloading the Netflix app, it took ages. Hoping to finish the download at the next station, we board the train again. WiFi is only at the stations as we immediately lose the connection once the train starts to move. Our score? A solid eight on 10.

    We head off to Dadar then. Ideally the WiFi should be automatically connected except it doesn’t. After several tries, we try the Indian hack by switching off our phone and restarting it. Once connected, we resume the downloading of Netflix whilst checking up our Instagram and mails simultaneously. A minute later, the app is on our phone ready for some Gilmore Girls. Again, the app somehow doesn’t work and we proceed with our journey to the last station, Churchgate. We can’t give Dadar a score of more than six on 10.

    Our final stop is Churchgate and by now we are accustomed to the process. However, here the WiFi connects automatically {off to a good start then}. But we slowly realise the catch – the WiFi here doesn’t work! We disconnect and try connecting again but it doesn’t help at all. It takes ages to load Facebook {which never gets on}, Whatsapp and Instagram doesn’t work and of course Netflix is still streaming. Even a basic imessage wouldn’t go. Score: Nil {the railways needs to up its game here}.

    So, We're Saying...

    Bandra is the station you go to for all WiFi needs. Dadar in comparison fails but we could still manage to carry out work. Churchgate however was a disappointment and we wouldn’t even bother trying out the WiFi.