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The Weather's Perfect & You Must Check Out 1Above, The New Rooftop Bar At Kamala Mills


    1Above is the latest fancy rooftop eatery and bar in Kamala Mills and here’s why you shouldn’t give it a miss the next time you plan your after-work scene.

    What Is It?

    A sprawling terrace that has an open bar and covered seating, 1Above is the latest entrant to the army of rooftop lounges that have been sprouting up in the city. Boasting of a leviathan floor space and a projector screen that looks unreal, it’s perched proudly above the indoor space. For those of you wondering if they’ll have match screenings, we asked them and they said yes.

    The decor is a mix of industrial elements and green. You’ll see towering structures but you’ll also seek respite in the walls covered with plants. The indoor area has booths and tables, with another bar to cater to your needs. But with the restaurant being an all-vegetarian fare, we had our doubts.

    Chow Down

    Buratta – stuffed buffalo cheese with tomatoes and wild rocket for INR 375 was the star of the show with the perfectly creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture overwhelming our taste buds. Moving on to the burritos {INR 300}, they were slightly on the spicier side and cigar rolls {INR 350} were perfectly balanced with cheese and tomato. A must-try on their menu is the gentrified kheema pav with mushroom {INR 425},it was creamy and didn’t allow us to miss the real deal. May be vegetarian bars are going to take the baton now.

    Sip On

    Their cocktails have been segregated according to the base ingredient – red bull drinks are separate and your coffee/fruit based drinks are in a separate section. We think it makes it easy for people to choose. Blood Relation {INR 675} – a vodka, passion fruit, lemon juice and orange juice concoction topped with watermelon-infused caviar was almost like the alcoholic version of Bubble Tea but was tasty {and strong} nonetheless. Coffee lovers can try Creamy Mocha – whiskey mixed with coffee, chocolate and lathered with Tiramisu {INR 675}. Their Red Bull-based boosters are priced at INR 599 upward.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’ve got no time to travel for drinks from Lower Parel or bar hopping in the area is your jam with friends or colleagues, add 1Above to your list.


    They host private parties and corporate events as well. So, hit ’em up if your don’t want your office party to be held at well, your office.