Peace Out: We're Heading To This Green Commune Near Mumbai To Forget Our Work Stress

The Eco Grid


Situated in Mulshi, The Eco Grid is a sustainable, eco-friendly retreat about 110 kms from the city. Here, you get to live in tents, eat organic food and connect with nature. The entire establishment is made out of recycled and upcycled materials.

What Makes It Awesome

Located near Mulshi springs in Pune district, this green commune could be a weekend getaway. It’ll take you almost 4 hours to reach your destination.

Supporting rural development, Eco Grid has developed a self-sustainable outdoor ecosystem that showcases earth architecture, renewable energy, agriculture, and hospitality. At INR 2,500 {according to their website}, you’ll get to stay in a tent, eat tasty, homemade food, understand ecological living and get closer to nature.

The ideology of living ergonomically is what the world needs now {a giant hug too, but that’ll take time}. We love that it’s not commercial.


Don't leave home without camping essentials like a torch, sunscreen, mosquito repellant and snacks.

The Eco Grid