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A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Start: Here's A List Of Wellness Retreats To Gift Your Fam

    Have you been thinking of getting your long-suffering parents a nice present, but don’t know what they’d like? Well, if they are always trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle, and also like their holidays more relaxed, consider one of these wellness resorts near Mumbai.

    Ananda Yoga Retreat, Pune

    Right by the hills in Pune, is a meditation and yoga retreat by the name of Ananda. This is a rather simple wellness centre, where the core focus lies on understanding yoga, practising with dedication, and meditating. They even have an organic farm, and the meals are wholesome vegetarian food. There are thee options when it comes to the accommodation here: fully furnished cabins with an attached washroom, furnished duplex rooms with a mezzanine that is perfect for families and the simple furnished rooms for when you really want the simple life. 

    Time on the road: Approximately 3.5 hours

    The expense: A 3-day weekend retreat stay starts at INR 3,600 per person for a private room if you opt for their seclusion package. The package includes three vegetarian meals delivered to your room. A private room starts at INR 1,200 per day.

    Note: Unmarried and engaged couples are required to stay in separate rooms during the visit. 

    Nimba, Ahmedabad

    Should you get the chance to take some real time off, you should visit Nimba, a wellness centre in Ahmedabad. Through different treatments such as naturopathy (massages, mud pack treatments, and more), a balanced diet, a vast assortment of ayurvedic and yogic exercises, as well as physiotherapy for those who require it, a balance is hope to be achieved here.

    The stay itself is extremely green and vast, with an organic farm, gazebos and cycling tracks as well as a an artificial waterfall.

    Time on the road: 9 hours (an overnight journey)

    The expense: Starts from INR 7,000 for the Destress & Wellness package (for 3-7 days), and INR 6,500 for the Rejuventation & Relaxation package {for 8-14 days}. 

    Note: They require a minimum 3-day stay and if you book for less than 3 days you are still subject to the same charges

    Lotus Yoga Retreat, Goa

    Visiting Goa need not always be a hectic, binging affair. The beautiful state and city deserves more peaceful holidayers than it gets. The Lotus Yoga Retreat is located on Patnem Beach in South Goa. It is a calm and lovely place that just speaks of rest, wellness and relaxation. They offer yoga classes through the months of November till June, meditation, as well as holistic treatment services like Ayurveda, detox, acupressure, shiatsu, among more. The yoga classes take places in shalas facing the sea, and you stay in beach huts. The meals offered too are healthy, organic and nutritious.

    Time on the road: If you are traveling by car or bus then close to 11 hours

    The expense: It is about INR 5,600 a night in normal season for a private hut, and approx and 3,600 for a sharing hut with someone of the same gender. Package includes buffet meals, two 1.5 hour yoga classes a day, and fresh juices and teas.

    Note: Bookings open at the end of October for the yoga retreats and are closed for the Monsoon season.

    SwaSwara Wellness Retreat, Gokarna

    Gokarna, the quieter Goa as people call it, houses a beautiful wellness and holiday retreat by the name of SwaSwara. A variety of retreat and spa packages are offered according to the motive – a de-stress retreat with the right food, Ayurveda and yoga asanas, a 14-day-long detox and cleansing retreat, a specific yoga one, among others.

    Time on the road: By road, driving will take you around 11 hours. 

    The expense: There are different rates for different packages and days. All packages are all inclusive and include meals, ayurveda and yoga consultation, sessions, art therapy, private villa accommodation and pick-up and drop from Goa airport. Prices start at INR 51,000 for 3 nights.  

    Yogacara Mango Retreat

    The Yogacara Mango Retreat is a beautiful private retreat away from the chaos of Mumbai. Book a package to enjoy a holistic getaway that focuses on rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit. From participating in yoga sessions to eating healthy farm-to-table style meals, and just giving yourself that much needed time to take a break and find some much needed 'me time' or even 'we time', you'll get a chance to really unwind.

    Time on the road: The retreat is a 30-minute speedboat ride away. Transport is included in the package price.

    Price: 3-day weekend yoga retreat will cost you INR 11,900 per person on 3 person sharing and INR 14,900 for two person sharing

    Note: We advise you call ahead before booking during Monsoon season