What Is It?

There’s another reason to overload on carbs while you’re on Linking Road in Bandra – Vile Parle’s The VJ Cafe is opening a branch this Friday, and they’ll be serving more than 50 kinds of potato goodness.

Chow Down


With the price range starting at INR 70 and ending at INR 150, we are very happy that snacking here won’t take a hit on our shoe shopping budget on Linking Road.

The menu has plain fries {INR 70}, tandoori cheese, chipotle, ghost {thousand island and BBQ sauce} and pizza fries at INR 100. For those who like their potatoes meatier, the wedges include mayo chilli, tandoori, nachos, cheese corn nuggets and chilli schezwan at INR 120 {extending up to INR 150}. The eatery is also serving wraps, burgers and nachos.

Sip On


Just when we thought the our sins were gonna end at eating, they also have cupcake milkshakes {starting at INR 100}, milkshakes {INR 100} and cold coffee {INR 50} to go with the tub of gluttony we’ll soon find yourself holding. Oh, there’s desserts too.

So, We’re Thinking…

The VJ Cafe is bringing just the right amount of sin to our days on Linking Road.

Photos source: The VJ Cafe