Brekkie Goals: These Mumbai Eateries Serve Delicious & Wholesome Breakfasts


    Let's face it, our day ahead depends on a good spread of breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, and rightly so because we eat it after a huge gap post dinner, so we might as well gorge on a scrumptious meal to fix that morning crankiness. We've zeroed down on a few eateries in Mumbai that serve wholesome breakfasts. Keep it handy for whenever you want to head out and grab a brekkie, folks! 

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    Scrumptious, Andheri West


    Andheri West, Mumbai

    Scrumptiious in Versova started off as a tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery, but now has expanded into a cafe-like space. It’s one of the few places in Versova that opens up as early as 7:30 AM and stays open till 11 PM every day barring Thursday. 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: The fluffy and filling omelettes, classic egg florentine, the waffles and pancakes. Or go for the signature breakfast, with add-ons such as bacon and sausages.

    Shell Out: INR 1,100 for two (The Scrumptious Signature Breakfast comes for INR 399)

    Theobroma, Multiple Outlets


    Bandra East, Mumbai

    They serve one of the best English Breakfasts in Mumbai and people swear by it. The undisputed winner of perfectly done bacon, sausages, hash browns and loyalty. You can witness a plate of their English breakfast being ordered at any of their outlets. The quantity will have you questioning your eating capacity.

    Our Suggestions Would Be: Full English breakfast, Kejriwal, Eggs Florentine, Spa Omelet, Pancakes with maple syrup

    Shell Out: INR 800 for two 

    Poetry By Love And Cheesecake, Bandra

    Their English breakfast is light on the tummy surprisingly. Sausages, sunny side up and hash browns with a hint of green, you’ll need bacon to keep you fuller. And their bacon is fat-free, so feel free to order two portions. You'll get a delicious spread from at cost-effective pricing. 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: The English Breakfast, cheese croissant, muffins 

    Shell Out: INR 300 for two

    Bombay Coffee House, Bandra

    Located in the ever-bustling Linking Road in Bandra, Bombay Coffee House is an old world charm in this fast-paced city. With its relaxed atmosphere and delicious all day breakfast this is surely a place we’d love to go to again and again. They offer various breakfast combos for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They offer eggs Benedict, English breakfast, bowl of porridge and poha as well- all equally scrumptious! 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: King's Breakfast, Kheema Ghotala with Pav, Brownie Waffle, French Toast

    Shell Out: INR 750 for two

    Fable, Juhu


    Juhu, Mumbai

    Fable is known for serving breakfast and books all day and does it really well. Have an Egg Decker (scrambled eggs on creamed spinach), or an open breakfast focaccia sandwich with pesto and bocconcini melting on top, if you will. And if continental has you bored, try the rice noodle upma or lamb keema ghotala as part of their local favourites. 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: Granola Parfait, Eggs Decker, Desi Benedict, Shakshuka, Masala Akuri

    Shell Out: INR 2,000 for two

    The Nutcracker, Fort

    A popular place that's known for its cozy ambience, comfort is exactly what you need to nail a hangover in the head. At Nutcracker, your taste buds can snuggle with Belgian waffles, oats porridge, hummus and pita or buttermilk pancakes. Very popular for their egg dishes, they are an all-day breakfast place (more of them, please) Get yourself a good and hearty meal, and thank us later for the recommendation! 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: Mushrooms on Toast, Bagel & Cream Cheese, Eggs Kejriwal, Barley & Cracked Wheat Upma

    Shell Out: INR 1,200 for two 

    Irish House, Multiple Outlets

    The Irish House

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    The Irish House's breakfast menu includes smoked sausages, thyme waffles with cherry-tomato fondue (which was not sweet), spiced baked beans with poached egg salad, a quinoa salad and their comforting breakfast stews infused with beer. Who says you can’t kill a hangover with more alcohol? So head here quickly and have your morning fixed with a comforting spread. 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: Smoked sausages, thyme waffles, Poached egg salad, quinoa salad

    Shell Out: INR 1,900 for two

    Elipsis Bakery, Worli

    The breakfast at Ellipsis Bakery will treat you to bagel bombs {to make up for the Jager bombs}, chicken galettes, granola, hot chocolate. They also have chlorophyll yogurt, topped with berries and edible flowers. We’re definitely trying that out. 

    Our Suggestions Would Be: Avocado on toast, chicken salami sandwich 

    Shell Out: INR 450 for two


    Not every place serves all day breakfast, so rise and shine early and indulge yourself in these breakfast spreads.