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Smells So Good You Could Almost Eat It: We Found Hot Chocolate Whipped Soap!

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Hot Chocolate Whipped Soap - 70g

Hot Chocolate Whipped Soap - 70g

Rose+Coconut Face & Body Whipped Soap - 70g

Rose+Coconut Face & Body Whipped Soap - 70g


What Makes It Awesome

Scrolling down my Instagram feed often has me halting at skincare and bath and body products because I'm obsessed with all things bath time. At any given point of time, I can safely say I have at least 5 different shower gels perched on my bathroom shelf - yes I run out of space, often.

This time, what caught my eye were the whipped soaps from Kaura. I fell for their range of products instantly as their range immediately reminded me of LUSH products. I gave them a call to find out more and in the process learned how these soaps were a 'happy accident' when founder and soap creator Trapti was experimenting with new formulas. (Yay for us!). With a mousse-like texture, these natural soaps are deliciously-scented - I got the Hot Chocolate and Rose-Coconut variants. I love that they come in glass jars (eco-friendly) and low-waste packaging too (ie. no plastics). 

Priced at INR 275 for 70 gms these seemed a tad steep until I realised a bean-sized amount (half a tiny spoon) is enough to lather up your entire body. I've been using this religiously for the last week and I'm happy to say it's left my skin feeling clean, moisturised and not irritated. Trapti carefully picks all the ingredients herself and sources them from farmers and producers she trusts. Organic, clean and gentle, I'm a fan of these soaps.

Reviewed: Hot Chocolate & Rose-Coconut Soap


What Could Be Better

The size of the product is on the smaller size but a little goes a long way so I don't count this as too much of a minus


They do levy a flat shipping charge on their products. The order process was seamless and I received my order within 5 days of placing the order. Total win in my book.