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Popcorn Lovers, Get Yummy Flavoured Makhanas Home Delivered From This Brand

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Whistle Snacks

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What Makes It Awesome

Mindlessly inching towards the packet of potato chips when idle and mildly hungry? Quite common, especially during the lockdown. But wait. We’ve got to introduce you to something that's ALOT healthier and just as munchy - roasted makhana by Whistle.

We often find ourselves unable to drown out the voices in our head saying ‘it’s just a little fat’. But these makhanas are a blessing. Makhanas are basically some roasted lotus seeds and they taste just like popcorn. Whistle makes life a lot more easy for us and packages packets of makhana in so many different flavours. Feeling cheesy? They’ve got them. Want pepper? They’ve got them. There are eight flavours to choose from, with both Jain and non-Jain versions. We personally love the ‘sunshine’ flavour which has mustard flavouring, and the lime-n-chilly flavour as well.

These come in less than 100-calorie packs and each pack is filling enough to last you for a good while.


You'll also get some chana-chor in Mint flavour which might just make you whistle at Whistle.