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What Makes It Awesome?

The facade of gastronomy for people in and outside India seems to have restricted to the curries and the biryanis for all these years and never been indulged on to beyond that. The creativity seems to have been the obligation of the few and white charcoal seems to have melded in pretty well in the midst of all this creative scenario. Ajay Chopra of the MasterChef fame has blended in intricate details of Indian cuisine with that of international cuisine to give refreshing flavours to the monotonous cooking practices.

Located inside the Empressa hotel, White Charcoal comes across as a more sedate place accompanied by some light soothing music. The decor employs a sense of simplicity in every element and there is not a lot of clutter or accessories involved. Mr Akash was our host for the evening who helped us pick a few of the culinary magic of Mr Chopra.

Soft Jade:- A light way to the summer insignia with the one from the gourd family which seems to make a scorching day more bearable. The green melon is the difference from the usual preparation of a summer concoction. Good and flavourful.

Torched Paneer Rasagulla Tikka:- Yes you read it right. An impeccable achievement to prepare this subtle combination of spicy, tasty and hint of sweetness with the chef torching the paneer with flames and putting a papad a stopping. If anything the avocado tart takes it to another level, I really hoped they serve more of that. Recommended!

Khumb Matar Hara Dhaniya:- As much as it sounds desi, just expect a barrage of exotic mushrooms combined with the Indian spice mix. The preparation has a dry texture much to my liking. The Chur Chur naan is the right bread mix to the Subzi and is something Mr Akash recommends.

Nadur Curry:- A curry based Kashmiri preparation with lotus roots as a potent element. I have had lotus roots as part of appetizers more in pan Asian cuisine than anything but this is altogether at a different level. The chef's interpretation of this usually served appetizer is why this place stands out as one of the finest in premium dinings. A bit sour around the edges, one should try it simply for its preparation techniques.

Textures of Milk:- Milk-based various preparation presented differently yet part of the same dessert in such a way that one can combine all and try it at once. Amazing concept and never explored. Every preparation has its own distinct touch. The kulfi and Rabdi Brulee Stands out amongst it. Recommended.

Ambience 4.5/5
Food 5/5
Hospitality 5/5

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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