Get Your Furry Best Friends Cleaned And Groomed For Only INR 500 At This Spa

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What Makes It Awesome

The White Collar Pet Spa in Bandra (opposite Elbo Room) should be visited by your dog, cat or guinea pig and here’s why.

Run by a vivacious lady named Poonam Thaval, The White Collar Spa is the place your pooch should go to if he/she wants a bath, blow-dry,  pet care, therapeutic and oil massages, nutrition counseling etc.

They will make sure your dog/cat is dirt free and in case he/she has a flea problem, ask for the spot-on treatment. Not only does it keep the fleas and ticks at bay for a month, it’s a safer alternative in comparison to anti-tick collars.

Poonam has an efficient team that makes sure your babies are handled well and go home looking dapper. If you’re visiting them for the first time, your dog/cat will get a complimentary ear cleaning and nail cutting session. They also have a pet shop that’ll tempt you to shell out thousands, but if you’re in control, you can make through this trip without going broke.

Price: Starting at INR 500 depending on what you're choosing for your pet. Also, prices vary from dog to dog.


If your dog hates getting a bath, try The White Collar. They claim that they can handle ferocious dogs and fussy cats with ease.