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Ay Caramba! This Is The Only Place You Can Get Authentic Gazpacho In Mumbai

Shalvi posted on 13th February

Ten Second Takeaway

Ever tried {or want to try} authentic Spanish gazpacho? You now have a chance to get your hands on this delicious, cold vegetable soup that retains all the native flavours at Lucia Gazpacho – a stall that sells this by the bottle at the Farmer’s Market in Bandra every Sunday or you could just get it home delivered.

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Before we start talking about where and when can you get your hands on the delicious Lucia Gazpacho, give us a moment to first explain what exactly this dish is. A gazpacho is a refreshing, authentic Spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup that is served cold and is perfect for the Mumbai weather. In fact, it can also be served in a number of ways {hint – try Lucia’s Gazpacho pani puri, or make a ‘Bloody Pacho’ the next time you’re thinking about a Bloody Mary}.

Founded by Amaro Gomez-Pablos, Lucia Gazpacho produces litres of this authentic delicacy. Having been far away from home for the last few years, Amaro missed his mother’s Gazpacho, which was a regular feature in his household growing up. He decided to make it himself and share the goodness with the rest of Mumbai, starting with a weekly pop-up at the Farmer’s Market in D’Monte Park, Bandra. Lucia Gazpacho also home-delivers these bottles of goodness. The gazpacho is made fresh every week using only organic produce, and is absolutely flavoursome {try it yourself}. Priced at INR 350 per bottle, you will absolutely love this delicacy.

Email on to get in touch or just show up the next time they’re at the market. Click here to check out their Facebook page.

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Here’s another reason for you to make that long overdue trip to the Farmer’s Market in Bandra. And believe us when we say the reason is totally worth it. And if Sundays are just about lazing at home, then just get this delivered.

Lucia Gazpacho

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