#LBBPhotoStory: Head To Khar Danda Market For Cheap, Fresh & Delicious Fish

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We strolled to get some fresh catch at Danda fish market and came back with a sting ray and cat pictures.

What To Buy

Housed in a mill sort of setting with a very high roof, the Dandafish market is not for the early risers. It opens at 10 am, gets rolling by 11 am and by noon, you can have your lunch plans set. Perfect. Start with the bangda {INR 100 for 5} and then move on to sardines {INR 100 for about 30}. You can also get your hands on 6 pieces of pomfret for INR 300. But be very adamant with your bargaining skills. It will not be easy as it’s a women-dominated market but it’ll happen if you’re good at bargaining. We were recommended the sting ray and salmon {INR 400 for boneless, half a kg of it} and also the squid. Cats, for obvious reason are regular visitors here and you’ll often find the lovely women here giving them a fish or two, that they happily lap up and then nap. What a life.

So, We're Saying...

If you don’t want to go to the docks and score some, this market makes for a good replacement for the otherwise-expensive stand alone sellers in the market. If you live nearby, you’ve struck gold{fish}. The market opens around 10am, which is late for a fish market, but perfect for us late-risers.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai