The Snail Mail Project


Write A Letter To This Mumbai-Based Artist, And Receive An Artwork In Return

Jayati posted on 29th May

Ten-Second Takeaway

The Snail Mail Project is a beautiful project started off by Sumedha Sah wherein you can write letters to her, and in return, receive a gorgeous hand-drawn illustration.

You've Got Mail

Do you sometimes just miss writing letters, and sending them out to your friends and family? But of course, who’d do that when everyone’s a DM, or a Whatsapp message away. Chances are if you’re a 90s kid, you’ve all posted a letter at some point {we know we have}. Putting pen to paper with our feelings is exhilarating and calming, and this project lets you do that.

To bring back this nostalgic charm of writing letters and postcards, The Snail Mail Project was born. The brain behind the project, Sumedha Sah, who by her own admission says it all started off when she was a new girl in the strange city of Mumbai two years ago. The idea was simple and borrowed from her childhood memories, her love for hand written letters and to collaborate and share her thoughts with strangers. A wonderful passion brought to life, and spreading its wings around the world, slowly.

She’s an architect, a self-taught artist and runs this project one the side, having received a ton of letters from all over the world {Poland, UK, Singapore et al} and pan-India.

What We Love

Everything from sitting down to pen our thoughts and feelings on paper, and posting them off to a stranger who in returns sends across a beautiful hand illustration and a tiny note.

You can write about anything in your letter. Or even send postcards or a drawing. From your lonely nights in a big city, to how you travel to work, or even just narrate a fun travel story, the letter is a blank canvas for you to paint your words. Sumedha, for her part, reads them and draws something unique and original befitting for a reply.

She’s received letter ranging on all sorts of topics from a New Delhi girl writing about her concern for the environment to a letter from a woman in Chikmangular surrounded by her coffee estate – all strung together by the project. Her first ever letter was in response to a blogpost which got her a letter from a guy in Poland. However, her favourite one so far is from Mumbai itself, an international student who was working on a project in India wrote to her about chai. This, Sumedha says, was the highest point for her.

So, We're Saying...

Cutting through the barrier of ever-consuming technology in today’s age is if not unheard of, definitely a rarity. The Snail Mail is encapsulating the beautiful past of a time when patience, words and letters were a mundane routine. On being asked how long she plans on carrying this on, she laughs and adds, “this is not going to stop. I don’t see the end of it”, and we agree. Take out your finest pen, and scribble away.

If you’d like to write a letter to Sumedha, you can get in touch with her over email to get her address, You can also reach out to her on Instagram here.

Follow her on Facebook here, and her Tumblr website here.


She even got a letter from a girl in Scotland who wrote her a recipe. If you have something interesting to say, then post a letter to her.

The Snail Mail Project