This New Mexican Eatery Is Bringing Authentic Tacos, Churros & More To Lower Parel

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Called Xico, the Mexican eatery promises to be authentic and is all set to open on September 25 at Kamala Mills.

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Hoping to move ahead of ‘Tex-Mex’ cuisine that often garbs itself as Mexican, Xico seeks to change that with its use of fresh ingredients. Helmed by Scott Linquist {of COYO Taco fame in the US} along with Sahil Saigal and Shiraz Parel, the restaurant will open its doors on September 25.

Think goat brain tacos, Totopos {warm chips served with a trio of house made salsas}, carnitas {confit of pork belly, serrano chile salsa, shaved cabbage, radish, cotija} and much more. Dessert will include churros {obviously} and a molten chocolate chipotle cake, served with vanilla ice cream.

So, We're Saying...

The restaurant will really add to the variety that Kamala Mills has to offer. The city can do with some spice anyway.