You Can Practice Yoga And Even Co-Work At This Gorgeous Versova Cottage

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Yoga 101 is a beautiful yoga studio inside a quaint, lovely cottage in Versova and we love it for its flexible workout timings for members and the variety of yoga asanas they teach.

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Yoga 101 is by far one of the cutest and the prettiest yoga studios we’ve come across. Nestled inside Aram Nagar in Versova, the founders have turned a beautiful cottage into a yoga studio, and with its serene interiors and plenty of sunlight and fresh air, you’re instantly rejuvenated the minute you set foot inside.

Inside this cozy cottage, the objective is very simple – members should get a chance to explore different styles of yoga under one roof at their own flexible timings. They have it all – ashtang yoga, hatha yoga, Iyengar inspired yoga and much more.

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A single session will cost you INR 500, eight sessions will cost you INR 3,000 and 12 sessions will cost you INR 4,200. They also have packages that let you avail more or equal sessions over a course of two months, for example, you can get 10 session over two months for INR 4,000 or 20 sessions over two months for INR 7,000. For unlimited monthly sessions you just have to pay INR 5,800.

The timings here are flexible {between 6:30 am to 8:30pm} and the studio is open seven days a week, so come and go as you please. Starting Monday {February 13}, they will also make this place a yoga studio cum co-working space, which means you have more to look forward to. For INR 300 per day, INR 1,800 over two months for seven visits and INR 5,000 over two months for 25 visits, enjoy cutting chai or coffee, nankhatai and WiFi facilities all day long. You could also order in some finger-licking food and fresh, cold pressed juices. The first 10 days from the time of launching the co-working section, you can go work there for free. Also, they have three adorable dogs there, so that’s a big, big bonus for all the dog-lovers out there!

Call 9820125963 to sign up and click here to check their Facebook page.

So, We're Saying...

We love the relaxed vibe at Yoga 101 and we suggest that if you haven’t taken to yoga yet, or are considering it, then this may be a great place to start at.