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If you’re not the kind who would ever hit the gym, but want to adopt fitness as a part of your daily life, then you must check out The Yoga Institute at Santacruz.

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160117_TheYogaInstitute03The Yoga Institute in Santacruz has a lush green one-acre campus in a quaint colony. It’s beautiful, serene, and a perfect place to start you day on a healthy note. They offer all kinds of courses from seven-day health camps and regular classes to pre-natal courses and couples’ classes. The highlight is that they even offer teacher’s training courses for yoga, which range from a month-long training to even a year-long specialisation. At the institute, the trainers help you with lifestyle changes and to combat the post workout hunger pangs, the institute even has a mess with Satvik Bhojan. There are also satsangs that are held here and are free for all. The institute also has book club and even a walking track for everyone.

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Every time to go to The Yoga Institute, we promise you will return happier and rejuvenated. Click here for more details.

Photos source: The Yoga Institute