Easy Asanas: Five Yoga Teachers Who Will Conduct Classes At Your Home

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If you’ve got erratic work timings, and laugh in the face of those who suggest going to the gym, it’s gotta be tough slipping in a workout regime in your day. These awesome yoga instructors in Mumbai are not only willing to take private lessons, but also come to your house to you. What more motivation to get out of bed than an energising class and motivating teacher right outside your door?

Shaili Chhowala

Shaili is a yoga teacher from SoBo, who teaches a classical hatha style of yoga. In her class, you will find that she uses a mix of everything, including props to help you such as bolsters, bricks and wooden blocks. Although she will come home for a private lesson, she prefers groups of thre or more if you can form them at home.

If you have an injury or something to be taken care of, just let her know.

Where: Colaba, Nepeansea Road, Churchgate {mostly South Mumbai}

Level: All levels, complete beginners included

Fees: Approx INR 800 per class for an individual; Approx INR 500 per person for a private group of four.

Contact: +919833858264

Radha Patel

If you live anywhere in South Mumbai and South Central, Radha is the teacher to call for. She has trained from a 100-year-old institute Kaivalyadhama and practices the traditional hatha form of yoga. In her classes, she also pays attention to pranayam and emphasises that breathing is key. The work out is slow and pace out, making sure that you work with your body, not against it.

Where: SoBo, Worli till Peddar Road

Level: All levels, and she even teaches absolute beginners

Fees: If you pay per class, INR 750 a class. If you choose a monthly pack then INR 600 a session.

Contact: +919820213654

Santhanam Sridharan

Santhanam teaches yoga with an aim of keeping your body fit, toned and your mind still. Having learnt from Bharat Thakur’s artistic yoga and S-VYASA institute in Bangalore, he now teaches a form of hatha yoga, with modified ashtanga and vinyasa flow.

The classes start slow, and then get pretty intense with him. But along the way, he also puts the right focus on meditation and pranayam, as good yoga teachers do.

Where: Andheri {West}, Lokhandwala – Versova, BKC, Bandra

Levels:  All, prefers more advanced students with some practise before

Fees: INR 1,200 a session

Contact: +919920849832

Check his page here.

Shirley Batiwala

Shirley Batiwala is an ace yoga teacher who usually takes group classes in Colaba. However, she can also arrange for private yoga lessons in your house. The yoga style is iyengar, where props such as bricks, chairs or even blankets are used to aid you do the asanas. The main point here, however is alignment and focusing on the nitty gritty aspects of an asana.

Shirley and her husband, Rushad also go for private one on one home classes. Most other times, they also send yoga teachers trained by them to your house.

Where: Colaba–Worli mainly, you can enquire about elsewhere as well.

Levels: All levels

Fees: For Shirley or Rushad, INR 2,200 per session, for other teachers, INR 1,500 a session

Contact: +91 9967394368

Dhara Vachharajani

Dhara teaches yoga to students across Juhu and Bandra, although she’s willing to make main Andheri a possibility too. She believes in a holistic approach to her classes, paying heed to mind, body and fitness. The style of yoga is hatha and vinyasa, in which she also includes intense core work, balance postures and inversions, to make you sweat it out.

You can also follow her on her Instagram page here.

Where: Juhu, Bandra, Andheri

Levels: All levels

Fees: INR 1800 for a single class, INR 1500 per class for a package of 10 classes. {This is for you and one other person such as a spouse, sibling, family member}

Contact: +919167336904